About Us

Angus Harris (Head coach)


I fell in love with bikes from an early age. I used to set up ramps to jump across on my BMX and lost a lot of skin in the process.  In my teenage years I began racing on the road and didnt have a clue what I was doing but I loved racing and training.

Since then I had studied sports coaching and have been a personal trainer and bike coach over the last 16 years.

Looking back I realise all the things I was doing wrong with my training and how much time I was wasting.

We have so much more training information and tools available to us now. Training done right can yield amazing results in such a small amount of time.

I just love seeing people get fast.

Even if its just faster than their mates at the local tuesday morning smash fest. Fast feels good and makes the hard work all worth it.

I'm passionate about helping people get a great result without having to do so much training that it becomes a chore or impedes on their family time. And to be honest most people don't need to be doing that much. 

I believe training should deliver maximum bang for minimum time. Every session needs to have a purpose and deliver a stimulus that causes a deliberate adaptation in your body. I also believe athletes need a balance between tough sessions that need to be done alone and social riding with bunches. The social riding still has a purpose and I'm quite happy to get creative in the session planning to get specific benefits from these rides.

Our athletes have had wins in the Australian National XCO and XCM mountain bike championships. We also had a win at the World Cross Triathlon, Tour of Bright, Victorian time trial series and Bike Buller .

We helped riders achieve podium finishes and PBs at Amy's Gran Fondo, Cape to Cape, Bathurst to Blayney, Bupa Challenge, Peaks Challenge and many other events. 

So if you want to get fast I would love to chat with you and plan for your success. You can get in contact with me here.

Our Mission

We make riders fast though effective training and communication.