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Favero Assioma FAQS

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Here we answer every question you could have about the Favero Assioma power meter pedals.

How much does Assioma weigh?

Assioma weighs only 152,4 grams per pedal, which makes it the lightest power meter pedal ever made. Note that having a bike pedal with a low weight is more important than other bike components because any change in the pedaling speed results in a loss of energy directly proportional to the weight of the pedal.

What is the "Q factor" of Assioma?

Assioma has a Q-factor of 54 mm.

What is the stack height (the distance between the base of the pedal body and the centre of the axle) of Assioma?

Assioma has a stack height of only 10.5 mm: the lowest of all the pedal-based power meters currently on the market. Some pedals manufacturers say that the closer the foot is to the pedal axle, the more efficient the transmission of power to the crank is.

What technology does Assioma use to measure power?

Assioma uses 8 strain gauges, fixed around the pedal axle. It is the technology used in many precision power meters. The whole Assioma project was developed in house by Favero Electronics. The high investment in research and development has allowed obtaining a product with exceptional characteristics at an extremely competitive cost.

Where is Assioma produced?

Assioma is made in Italy by Favero Electronics following high-quality standards. In addition, the whole Assioma project was developed in house by Favero Electronics.

How does technical support of Assioma work?

Requesting technical support is quick and easy. Simply send a request via the Favero Assioma app, which automatically opens a service ticket. Assioma has an excellent inbuilt diagnostic system that records any anomaly occurring during use.  Favero Electronics provides technical support not only to Resellers but also to any End User, directly and anywhere in the world. This direct relationship with end users, without intermediaries, considerably speeds up service times.

Which bike computers is Assioma compatible with?

Assioma is ANT+ certified and then transmits data to all bike computers, smartphones and smartwatches equipped with this technology with PWR profile (CT + PO). If you would like a complete list of ANT+ certified compatible products, please visit this is ant. Assioma also communicates with Bluetooth devices v4.0 (or later). For more information, see the next question.

Which Bluetooth devices is Assioma compatible with?

Assioma is compatible with smartphones, smartwaches, bike computers, tablets and computers equipped with Bluetooth V4.0 or later, which meet the Cycling Power Profile (CPP) standard. You can check if your smartphone supports Bluetooth 4.0 by simply installing the Favero Assioma App: this will give you an error message if it is not supported.  Starting with firmware 3.00, Assioma is also fully compatible with Bluetooth apps or bike computers that require data from both pedals via a single unified channel. 

How do I turn Assioma on and off?

Assioma turns on simply by starting to pedal, and turns off automatically after a few minutes of inactivity.  The first time you use it, you will need to connect Assioma to the magnetic connector of the battery charger, properly connected to the electricity. You will be asked to do so also if Assioma has been set in "Travel Mode"

What is "Travel Mode"?

Assioma has a smart auto-off system based on pedaling motion which prevents unintentional battery discharge; there is no need to turn the Assioma off manually.  However, in some situations, such as air travel, a manual shutdown of electronic equipment is required. In this case, you can access the "Travel Mode" setting through the Assioma app and turn off the system manually. To exit "Travel Mode", simply connect Assioma to the charger.

When should I change the stand-by timeout?

Using the Assioma app you can change the stand-by timeout of your power meters. This feature is especially useful for triathletes who want to keep the sensors active even when Assioma is parked in transition areas. Make sure the Assioma is charged and remember to reset the timeout to default (5 minutes) to avoid unnecessary power consumption.  

What battery does Assioma use and how long does it last?

Assioma uses a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery; before being integrated into the sensor, each battery is individually tested in house by Favero Electronics to ensure maximum durability and performance. The declared battery life is 50 hours. The battery of Assioma has been designed for professional long lasting applications: after 500 complete recharges, i.e. from completely discharged to fully charged, its capacity is reduced by only 20%. Note that 500 recharges are more than 25,000 hours of use!  Plus, you can charge Assioma with the included charger, but also through any USB output or a common power bank.

Why choose a rechargeable battery?

The advantages of having an integrated rechargeable battery are many: No risk of failure caused by water or moisture infiltration: in fact, there are no openable battery compartments to worry about or sealing gaskets that over time may no longer guarantee the initial waterproofing.Zero problems of non-contact between the battery and the electrical circuit terminals. The battery is directly welded to the circuit, and then resinated; so there cannot be any unwanted power interruptions. Whereas, this sort of issues is typical of replaceable battery systems, due to the oxidation or the movement of the electrical contacts.The battery charge level is monitored much more clearly and reliably than a replaceable battery; and with the Favero Assioma App you can check it at any time.“Low battery" is signalled punctually, ensuring you have enough time left (8 hours) to finish your race or training without problems.No worries to replace, buy and dispose of the batteries – for the benefit of your wallet and the environment.

Can I find myself with low battery during a race or training session?

Absolutely not. Being in the middle of a race with a low battery is certainly an extremely unpleasant situation because, in addition to no longer being able to display power and cadence, you also lose the ability to record data for the post-race analysis. This problem may occur more likely if you use a system with a non-rechargeable battery (replaceable battery) for the following reasons: It is difficult to accurately measure its charge level because the discharge profile of a battery varies greatly depending on its type (alkaline, lithium ions, silver oxide, etc.) the manufacturer, and its shelf life. Power supply interruptions may occur due to oxidation or movement of the battery electrical contacts. Assioma instead allows you to avoid this problem for the following reasons: The level of charge can be reliably measured because we use only one specific type of battery, which performance and characteristics we know in detail. You can check the charge level at any time using the Favero Assioma app. The “Low battery " signal occurs punctually when you still have a battery life left of 8 hours. The battery terminals are welded to the circuits and therefore no bad contacts for oxidation or vibration can occur.

If I damage the pedal body in an accident: Do I compromise the electronics? Do I have to send you the product? Is the repair cost high?

There is no need to send us the product for repair. The Assioma pedal body does not contain any electrical or electronic parts, so it can be easily removed and replaced like a normal one. Note that any pedal body is clearly more exposed than an axle to damage due to impacts and falls, that is why we have placed all electronics in a protected and safe position around the axle.

Can I do the maintenance of the Assioma pedal easily on my own? (e. g. changing bearings)

Yes, if you wish, you can easily carry out normal maintenance operations on your own, without needing to send the product to us or ask a specialist mechanic for help. In addition, although Assioma uses high quality cartridge sealed bearings, you can replace or lubricate them without any problems in case of need, because the pedal body can be removed like a normal one.

How do I clean Assioma?

To clean Assioma you can simply use a damp cloth. Do not use aggressive chemicals such as alcohol, industrial or universal degreasers, oil, diesel and petroleum derivatives in general. Assioma is totally waterproof and certified IP67, so you can wash it with water with no problem; nevertheless we advise you not to use high-pressure jets(pressure cleaner) because they could compromise the mechanical parts of the pedal body.

How do I search and connect Assioma to a smartphone using the app Favero Assioma?

The Favero Assioma app allows your smartphone to detect the nearby Assiomas via Bluetooth low energy. The closest ones will transmit a stronger radio signal. Before proceeding with the search and connection of Assioma to your smartphone, make sure that: Assioma is switched on.Assioma is not already connected via Bluetooth to another device. Geolocation is enabled (only required on Android; even if the app itself does not use your location). In the list of detected devices, you can easily recognize your Assioma thanks to its ANT + ID number (shown outside the packaging) that will appear alongside the product icon. Once your Assioma is identified, you will be able to proceed with the connection. Assioma has to be activated on its first use. The ANT + ID codes are only attributed to the "master" pedals, ie to the left pedals. If you have an Assioma DUO, once the left pedal is connected, the application will automatically search for the corresponding right pedal. 

When do I have to set the crank-arm length using the Favero Assioma app?

Setting the crank-arm length using the Favero Assioma app is useful only when this parameter cannot be changed directly on your bike computer. In fact, if your bike computer already provides this setting, the value set through the app will be overwritten.

When is it useful to variate the power measurement through Favero Assioma app?

Assioma power meters are factory calibrated. Therefore there is no need to change this parameter. the variation of  the power values may be useful only in special cases such as: The bike computer does not allow you to set a particular crank-arm length (eg a pair of crank arms with different lengths).You want to compare the Assioma measurements with those of a training roller so that you can train indoor and the road with the same power references.

Can I transform the left pedal of an Assioma DUO into an Assioma UNO?

Yes, by using the Favero Assioma app you can decouple your Assioma DUO pedals to get a left pedal working as an UNO. We remind you that only the left pedal, the "master" pedal, can be transformed into an Assioma UNO.

How can I transform Assioma UNO into Assioma DUO?

The upgrade from Assioma UNO to Assioma DUO is always available: discover the upgrade kit in our Online Shop. Using the Favero Assioma app you can associate the new right pedal to the left pedal of your Assioma UNO. Once done, you will have a couple of pedals working as Assioma DUO.

Why do I have to activate Assioma using the app Favero Assioma?

You can activate Assioma only through the Favero Assioma app, using a smartphone connected to the Internet. The activation must be done to enable the transmission of power and cadence data; the activation also determines the start of the warranty period. Once your Assioma is activated, you will be able to use the Favero Assioma app to download and install the firmware updates, modify the settings, and instantly report the functional status of your power meter to the Favero Electronics technical support.

How do I update the Assioma firmware?

You can update your Assioma’s firmware with your smartphone using the Favero Assioma app, available for free for Android and iOS. Once your Assioma is connected via Bluetooth, just enter the "Firmware" page of your app to see if there are new firmware versions available to install.  Before looking for and installing a firmware update, make sure that: Your smartphone is connected to the Internet.The battery of your Assioma is sufficiently charged (about 75%).The operation usually takes only a few minutes: the duration also depends on the mobile phone model and the internet connection.

What's the "Bootloader" safety mode?

Assioma has a Bootloader mode that safeguards the operation of your power meter in case of unexpected events while updating the firmware (e. g. sudden shutdown of the mobile phone). Assioma enters this safety mode by deactivating all non-essential functions, including LED lighting. Assioma might seem off but actually is waiting to be restored through the Favero Assioma App.  To restore all the functions of Assioma, go to the search section of the Favero Assioma app, find the device in BOOTLOADER mode (indicated in red) and press on the "RESTORE" button. Once the recovery is complete, you can restart the firmware update. We recommend restoring Assioma as soon as possible. However, if you want to postpone the operation until later, remember to leave your Assioma in charge.  If you still have a problem with your smartphone, we recommend you try another smartphone model or tablet.

My smartphone's Bluetooth seems to be having problems

In the rare case that you experience problems with your smartphone's Bluetooth, we suggest that you temporarily use another model, or tablet, to complete this operation. For the moment, this may be necessary with these models:  Huawei: P8 Lite, P9 Lite, P10 Lite Samsung: J3, A5, Notes 4.0 In any case, we suggest that you report the difficulty also to the Manufacturer of your smartphone. 

What other apps is Assioma compatible with?

Assioma is technically compatible with any other app that manages power data sent via ANT+ or Bluetooth with dedicated power profiles. Some examples of training apps or vitual cycling games are Zwift, The Sufferfest, Strava, Rouvy, Trainerroad, etc. On the "Compatibility with other apps" tab of the Favero Assioma app, you can choose the communication channel best suited to the app you're using. The preset "Unified Channel L" is the protocol required by almost all apps. For more information about compatibility with an app, we recommend that you contact the app's Technical Support team.

How do I pair an Assioma with a third-party app?

Assioma can be paired via ANT+ or Bluetooth. The communication protocols of Assioma are preset in modes that ensure the widest compatibility with the apps dedicated to power-based training. If you have Assioma DUO, in the pairing tab of the app you just need to search and pair the left pedal (L); this will automatically transmit the data of the right pedal as well. In the very rare cases where your app or Bluetooth bike computer requires your pedals to communicate independently, simply go to the "Compatibility with other apps" tab of the Favero Assioma app and choose the "Dual channel L/R" option. Changing the "Compatibility with other apps" setting will automatically restart Assioma. Remember to pair it again with the app or bike computer you use via Bluetooth. 

When is it useful to do a static weight test through the Favero Assioma app?

This procedure allows the static verification of the force measured by the Assioma and is useful if a constant under- or over-estimation of the power values is suspected with respect to another power meter with an accuracy of at least ±1%.  Incorrect performance of the test may lead to a deterioration in the measuring performance. If in doubt, contact us.

Double power function for Assioma UNO via Bluetooth

This function only concerns Assioma UNO with power transmission via Bluetooth, it has no influence on the ANT+ transmission. Some apps and bike computers do not interpret correctly the Bluetooth standard and display half of the total power transmitted by Assioma UNO. We have introduced this functionality to ensure to everyone the maximum possible compatibility. This feature is available from firmware 4.02.
If you didn't find the answer to your question please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer it for you.


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