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Why You Need a Power Meter

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

In the past power meters were quite expensive and considered only for professional riders but they are so effective and now priced cheaper than a good pair of wheels. So you are really holding back your potential by not using one.

The benefits are these:

1. Real time feedback: you get live information regarding what power you are putting out by the second as opposed to heart rate which is a response to what you have already done. Heart rate will lag behind for the first few minutes of an interval and then drift upwards toward the end of an effort, despite the power output being constant. So power data is so much more reliable to train with to ensure you are performing each interval effectively.

2. Power meters don’t lie. They just tell it like it is. You are either putting out the power or you aren’t. Some days your heart rate will be showing similar to a previous training session of the same intensity and yet the power can be lower. This can also happen the other way. Your heart rate can read the same and the power will be higher. Power meters ensure you are definitely training effectively.

3. You can test your performance accurately and consistently. For example a test of how fast you can do a 3km course could be faster or slower depending on the wind direction and speed from one test to the next. If you did the same course but measuring the best average power for 5 minutes you would get a true indication of a performance increase as the power output is independent of other variables like speed, wind or temperature.

4. You can gain valuable data from races and see where your strength and weaknesses are. This will allow you to train more specifically with sessions that are targeted to the amount of power you need to produce for certain time periods and on certain terrains.

5. Power data from time trials makes it possible to calculate your aerodynamic coefficient. Modifications can be made and retested to see if your coefficient has improved.

6. You coach will have a lot more useful information to monitor your training and performance. Your power data allows them to calculate you training load and fatigue levels.

7. They will make you much faster than anything you can buy for your bike. By training effectively and gaining 5% extra power over an hour you will save a lot more time than upgrading your wheel-set. Most of our coaching clients gain 5-10% extra power within the first 8 weeks of training with a power

If you would like to discuss purchasing a power meter please contact Angus at HERE and he will happily answer your questions and help you decide which one is right for you.


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