Welcome to Powerlab Cycling Performance

Training plans

Get a plan that is targeted for your event. From a gran fondo through to time trials we have a plan for your event. 

We have training plans for Amy's Gran Fondo and L'Etape available here. 

These plans can be done on the road or as erg workouts on Zwift and Trainer road.

If you would like a different event or file type please let us know.

Cycling coach

Our coaching will bring your best result without any wasted time.

All training is monitored and modified to keep the improvements coming.

We will tap into your genetic potential and bring out your personal best.

Our online training platform allows you to train with us wherever you are in the world.


To train and perform at your best you need good information.

The best way to get this is through consistent and repeatable testing.

We provide VO2 max power and body composition testing at our powerlab in Coffs Harbour.



Powerlab Cycling Performance provides the following products and services.

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Event focused training plans
  •  VO2max power and bodyfat testing
  •  Cycling training camps for groups or individuals
  •  Consulting to teams and clubs

Full service coaching with unlimited communication and plan changes is just $110 a month.

Stand alone training plans are priced according to the length of your event campaign.